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Background: LifeLog, a productivity startup, envisioned an Apple Watch app that would redefine personal time management. They sought our expertise for an innovative yet intuitive calendar design.


  1. Presenting a month's view on a compact screen.

  2. Ensuring easy navigation between dates and events.

  3. Quick event addition without cumbersome text inputs.


  1. Radial Calendar Display: We designed a circular month's view, taking advantage of the Apple Watch’s round interface. Each segment represented a day, color-coded by the user's schedule density.

  2. Gesture-Based Navigation: Users could swipe vertically for a day-to-day view, and horizontally to see detailed events for a selected day. A force-press gesture allowed users to toggle between week and month views.

  3. Voice Input: Recognizing the challenges of text input on a small screen, we integrated Siri voice commands for quick event additions and updates.


The LifeLog Calendar app was lauded for its unique design approach tailored for the Apple Watch. Users appreciated the effortless navigation and quick event inputs, which set it apart from competitors. In its first month post-launch, LifeLog saw an impressive 60% surge in downloads and received positive feedback for its user-centric approach.


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