Background: In the era of remote work and home offices, WorkNest aimed to be the go-to platform for professionals seeking inspiration for their workspaces. The startup wanted a platform where users could share, discover, and discuss workspace designs and setups. They reached out to our team to materialize this vision.


  1. Designing an interface that showcases diverse workspace setups.

  2. Incorporating features for community interactions.

  3. Ensuring easy upload and categorization of workspace photos.


  1. Dynamic Gallery Layout: We utilized a flexible gallery layout, auto-adjusting based on image dimensions, ensuring each workspace was displayed optimally.

  2. Workspace Stories: Borrowing from popular social media features, we added a 'Stories' function where users could share the journey of building their workspace. This allowed for deeper engagement and narrative sharing.

  3. Interactive Forums: To foster community discussions, we added topic-based forums. Here, users could discuss everything from ergonomics to the best desk plants.

  4. Smart Categorization: On uploading, the platform prompted users to tag workspace elements (e.g., "standing desk", "LED lighting", "minimalist") making it easier for others to discover specific inspirations.


WorkNest rapidly gained traction in the remote-working community. Within six months, it had over 500,000 active users and a daily upload of around 2,000 workspace photos. The forums buzzed with activity, turning the platform into not just an inspiration hub but also a resource center for workspace design.


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